After alot of thought and debating with myself, I have decided it was time to close our doors. I'm going to try and make this short & sweet.

My life at the moment has become very busy, if I'm being honest I don't really live at home anymore, which means less time on the net. I have had this site open (Previously WadeBarrett-Online.Net) since March 2010 and it's had it' ups and down's (like our old host deleting the old domain). I hardly have time to update my site's and when I do it's just a race to get everything done in time.

Just because I'm closing the site doesn't mean I no longer support Wade, because I always will support him and I can do that without a site.

I want to thank a handful of ladies, first there's Tiffany, who helped out with the site a few years back seeing as I couldn't update since I wasn't really living back at home then (I was at college), Secondly there's Brittany who has gone out of her to update the old site. The third person I want to thank is Anne; if it wouldn't of been for Anne the site would of went down-hill along time ago. Thank you ladies for giving me and the site a hand when we needed it the most, it was great working with you girls! And last but no least, you guys!! Yes you the visitors, without you the site wouldn't of made a come back and I thank you guys for all your support over the past few years!